Vote on November 6 Local Ballot Question to Opt Out of Big Marijuana in Newton

Vote To Opt Out

Vote for Newton’s future!
NO on “2-4” Limit*

*So-called “Limit” can be changed by the City council at any time

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Troubling news from Charlton, MA

A supporter from Charlton writes in with a troubling story about what happened in her own town: I am a resident of Charlton MA (Central MA), and part of the …

“Is this a Democracy?”

A supporter writes in to emphasize something needs to be communicated clearly to all Newton voters: Just read in the Newton TAB: City Council President Marc Laredo explained that, “if …

OPT OUT Supporters Speak: Aude Henin, PHD

As a clinical child psychologist, I have been closely following the debate around recreational marijuana.  I understand that some adults partake responsibly with no ill effects. I am also intrigued …

Dover, MA Officially Opts Out

OPT OUT has confirmed with the city clerk of Dover, MA, that the town has opted-out of recreational retail marijuana. So we update our map: Notice all the red, that’s …

Playing the Marijuana Tax Revenue Expectations Game

Recreational Marijuana proponents go-to argument is about the financial benefit the industry will bring in tax revenues. With Coca-Cola flirting with cannabis, and Peter Thiel’s Canadian marijuana company stock making …